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Since 2013
Welcome to Pro-Surve

“Because we said that we would”

Pro-Surve Technical Services, LLC began operations in 2013 to serve the Texas Gulf Coast market and beyond with quality and innovative reliability solutions using non-destructive testing, inspection, and inspection derivative services. Principals and managers of the Company are experienced and well known throughout the midstream and downstream inspection industry.

James “Chezo” Cesarini, PE

(Founder and CEO)

Expert Services

Industry Leading Engineering and NDT Services

Pro-Surve Technical Services provides clients with cost effective and high quality non-destructive testing (NDT), both conventional and advanced, as well as visual inspection and engineering solutions.

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Team Working Dedicatedly

We have 26+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below

What We do

Providing Full Range of High Services Solution

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A Full Services

We are Providing different services in this sector to wide area of world

All Maintenance

We are Prous to Protect your organization with our award-winning products


Dedicated Team

We have over 100+ years of leadership experience in providing inpsection and NDT services.

Who We Are

Integrity Is Our Highest Standard 

Our company mantra “because we said that we would” binds us to our mission statement. We believe in performing services to establish integrity in the systems we inspect by first having that integrity as a core part of our company.

Our Culture

Pro-Surve develops and maintains relationships with clients that share our commitment to provide quality and cost effective, innovative mechanical integrity inspections and non-destructive testing services. We care about our clients and maintain a dependable reputation for high quality and nimble customer service.

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We care deeply for our employees, and we take care of our people and their families so that they can do their jobs well and return home safely each day. Apply Here

Track Record

Proven Performance and Safety


Projects Completed


Man Hours


Safety Record
Farnandoz Biki, CEO
Track Record

Proven Performance and Safety


Projects Completed


Man Hours


Safety Record
Farnandoz Biki, CEO
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Our Experts

Industry leading expert team.

Tim Johnson

Regional Operations Manager - Golden Triangle

Michael McKay

Regional Operations Manager - Houston

Rodney Bobbitt

Engineering Division Manager

Robert Davis

Eddy Current Services Manager

Mark Johnston

Storage Tank Inspection Services Manager

Josh Deal

Turnaround Director

Jacob Garza

Advanced NDT Services Manager

Clarence Crockett

Radiography Operations Manager / RSO
Because We Said That We Would

Customer Satisfaction

We aim for 100% satisfaction. We are committed to our mission and our vision.

Our Vision
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