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ProVision Activity Status Software provides the following:

• 100% live tracking of all turnaround inspection activities.
• Stepped out tracking of all activity through the turnaround including mechanical complete, inspection complete, and report completion and acceptance by supervision.
• Digital Wall Charts.
• Live Equipment, Piping, and Flange shift updates and log books.
• Live Inspection Work Request (IWR) / Repair Recommendation (RR) log
• Live IWR/RR Reports accessible from the software in full report format
• Live access to inspection notes, comments, and photos.
• Quick filter to find specific tasks
• Piping tracking from the QC/QA (3rd party) from start to finish TA
• Flange tracking from inspection, repairs, and re-assembly
• Document integration
• 100% adjustable to fit a client or site-specific request.
• Another version is in the works to allow client’s final approval and those that want final acceptance of packages will have another level and accessible to fill in their necessary box.
• Every inspection task is centrally located and accessible to anyone of a true live turn key TA software.
• Not just inspection but maintenance, planners, schedulers, etc. can all benefit with easy access and see a true status.

These are several unique features that no other activity tracking software can do:

• Bundle pad inspections.
• They are 100% live and updated. The inspector does not need to take time out of a shift to update unit log books or wall charts as it is completed from the tablet and updated live.
• Shop/Vendor Surveillance.
• Same as above. There is no delay in getting updates from the shop as they are incorporated on the live tracker and accounted for in the shift and wall charts. The reports are also fed live so there is no loss of data or waiting transition.
• The availability to access and complete tasks and have them live and updated from anywhere either in a plant, or a bundle pad, or different units within the plant, and in multiple shops is a key feature/benefit of the software. Everything is filtered into this software and kept live. This feature alone eliminates a lot of repeated tasks and delays and saves time and money.

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