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Real Time Radiography (RTR), or real-time radioscopy is a nondestructive test method whereby an image is produced electronically, rather than on film so there is a very minimal amount of lag time between the image being exposed to the radiation source and creating the radiographic image. This technology utilizes a direct detector panel that captures the radiographic beams and converts them into electrical signals that are then digitized into high resolution images. Real time radiography allows a radiographic interpretation to be performed simultaneously with the progression of the c-arm in real time.

Real time radiography is commonly used for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) applications due to the ability to inspect insulated piping through insulation without the need to strip any insulation. RTR is also used for the detection of welds under insulation, to quickly and efficiently screen piping for any damage and to provide a clear image of the outside diameter of the piping being inspected.


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