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Provision is an all-inclusive inspection software system providing turnaround activity tracking for equipment, piping, and flanges from planning phase, execution, and final reports. The software has real-time/live update capabilities from the field via app-based program for your phones, tablets, or computers. It allows our supervision to provide a step-by-step inspection task completion update to our clients with the most efficient, transparent, and reliable system. The overall dashboard and digital wall charts bring all turnarounds tasks including items not started, in-progress, inspection complete, repairs, mechanical complete, and final report reviewed. The software provides a running digital log book through the process of a turnaround with capabilities to filter a specific shift, inspection task, equipment, or repair. All repair recommendations and final inspection reports are completed via the software app to include photos, marked drawings, and detailed inspection reports with approval from Pro-Surve turnaround supervision.

ProVision Efficiencies

  • Immediate updates from the field personnel on inspection tasks complete.
  • The software allows information access from the unit inspection, bundle pad, off-site shop inspections with no delay of updates or reporting.
  • Repair recommendations and final inspection reports updated live with immediate client access.
  • Data import and export capabilities for quick share of work scopes, data collections, and shared documents.

ProVision Transparency

  • Allows all inspection department and designated personnel/group access for dash board display, shift updates, wall charts, and repairs.
  • Hyper link forms allow access to inspection notes/tasks for more details.
  • Piping packages are tracked from a QA position to ensure all packages meet the clients’ specifications through the turnaround process.

ProVision Reliability

  • All tasks are signed, dated, and time stamped for tracking purposes.
  • All inspection tasks are linked with completion percentages for easy planning updates.
  • Final inspection reports are not complete without final Pro-Surve supervision approval.


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