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Materials & Corrosion Engineering service is one of our specialties. Our industry experts can provide you and your facility with all the services below:[ps2id id=’damage’ target=”/]

Damage Mechanism Review (DMR): A DMR is an essential analysis that should be performed across all process circuits. Determining all potential damage mechanism your equipment, piping or vessels are susceptible to as well as determining if the proper materials are being utilized in the particular service. We analyze starting at the PFD to the P&ID.

Systemization & Circuitization (S&C): Organization and sectioning is key to a successful inspection operation. Splitting piping and units into circuits to be categorized for inspection is one of the things we do best.

Condition Monitoring Locations (CML): Determining the correct specific location for a corrosion monitoring device is key to having accurate inspection data. Our team is trained in experience in picking and placing these monitoring locations to provide the most accurate sample data.[ps2id id=’inspection’ target=”/]

Inspection and Test Plan (ITP): Quality is a priority of any good inspection protocol. Having a detailed Inspection and Test plan from our team will provide a detailed checklist full of multiple key factors such as, reports, technical information, and criteria of acceptance.

Corrosion Control Documents (CCD): Corrosion control documents allow your facility to operate at maximum efficiency by letting have a summary of the damage mechanisms that could be faced across the unit.

Fitness for Service (FFS): Our team of industry experts has a high standard for integrity. Through our inspection procedures, we determined if facility equipment is fit for service as well as the estimated remaining life of the equipment. Pro-Surve Engineering Services operates each successive level of FFS, Level 1, 2, and 3.

Integrity Operating Window (IOW): With our industry experience we can accurately determine the limits in which equipment is safe to operate effectively. IOWs are key to protecting your facility assets and employees. Limits of operation protect equipment as well as people.


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